Best Desk Lamp: How to Choose for Your Needs

Best Desk Lamp How to Choose for Your Needs

Look at a nearby window. Notice how your eyes adjust to the brightness coming through the glass. Now look to your feet on the floor. With concentration, you can feel the slight adjustment your eyes make to properly focus on each of the different levels of light.

Most of the time, we take the hard work that our eyes are doing for granted. We fail to notice that they are constantly adjusting and readjusting to whatever situation they are in.

With low lighting, our eyes strain to help our brains compute the images before us. This strain is especially strong when our eyes need to do extra work for certain tasks, like reading and other tedious tasks.

Immediate effects of eye damage are headaches or tired eyes. However, prolonged straining can cause permanent problems.

If you are not careful, you could face diminished vision or even more serious problems. That is why it is so important to have the proper light source around whenever you are doing activities that can be strenuous for your eyes, like reading, data input, hobbies, crocheting, and more.

To help keep your eyes in the best shape, you should purchase desk lamps that will best fit the situations you most often put them in. For instance, you will likely need a lamp to read while you are in bed.

It does not matter that it is called a desk lamp. These can be used all over the house. You may need another to sit on your desk at the office and at least one more wherever you perform your hobbies.

How to Choose the Best Desk Lamp

There are lots of things to consider when purchasing a desk lamp. Of course the most important aspect of a lamp is eye protection, however there are many other features that can come into play.

First of all, it is wise to purchase a lamp that has LED bulbs. Not only are these bulbs safer for your eyes than other types of bulbs, they also use a substantially smaller amount of energy, measured in watts.

LED bulbs have other advantages, like being much more durable. These bulbs have a typical life of 25 years, which is extremely longer than tungsten or neon bulbs.

Energy efficiency is another good consideration. Of course, as previously mentioned, LED bulbs have the greatest energy efficiency. Regardless, some lamps use more energy than others.

Durable design is an important feature. If you are going to invest in a product, you should be sure that it will last a long time.

Other design aspects are also important. If you plan on storing your lamp when it is not in use, you should look for types that are foldable. If you think it is important that your lamp matches the design in your home, it may be important that it comes in the proper style or color.

What to Look for in a Good Desk Lamp

Price is an important aspect to consider when you are hoping to purchase the best desk lamp. An expensive price tag does not always equate to the best product.

There are hundreds of products on the market that have very similar features and design. You want to find the product that has all you are looking for, and the strongest durability at the cheapest cost.

If the product is made by a well-known brand name, that is a good sign that it will be of good quality. However this is not always the case. You should be careful not to choose a product based solely on who it is made by.

Consider multiple products before making  your decision so that you are sure you go the  best desk lamp for your money. Here are a few products you should look at.

TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

A good product to consider before making your purchase is the TaoTronics Elune TT-DL01 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp 5-level Dimmer, Touch-Sensitive Control Panel, 1-Hour Auto Timer, 5V/1A USB Charging Port – Piano Black.

This lamp uses LED bulbs that go above and beyond a typical on and off switch.


This lamp has four different color modes that can each adjust to five different levels of brightness, giving you 20 different lighting options.

For instance, you can switch between sleep, relax, study and reading modes, which each give a different tone of light best suited for the activity at hand. For each of these modes, you can lighten or dim depending on your needs.

Another great feature of this lamp is its one-hour timer that you can decide whether or not to turn on. Many lamps have a timer that turns the lamp off after one hour, regardless of whether or not you wanted it off. This can be a cumbersome feature without the decision to turn it on.

Because you have a choice, you can decide to turn on your one hour timer when you get into bed so that it will shut off if you fall asleep while reading. It is also a good indicator of bedtime for children.

To help organize your desk or bedside table, the lamp includes a USB port so that you can charge any device that uses a USB cable. This is particularly handy for charging devices you still need to use while they are plugged in.

For example, using a desktop USB port will help you stay close to your phone when it’s low on power so you won’t have to get up and stand next to an outlet each time it rings.


  • Created in a contemporary style and painted piano black, the TaoTronics Elune LED Desk Lamp is likely to fit just about any style
  • Foldable design means it can be stored easily
  • This lamp has a 270-degree turn head so that you can adjust it to suit any reading or project needs. To further improve its flexibility, it has a moving arm and rotating base
  • Uses only 14 watts so it is low-wattage and energy-efficient


  • Made of plastic so it likely will not last as long as metal models
  • Does not come in multiple colors

LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

Another lamp that would be a good choice to think about is the LAMPAT Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, Black.


This lamp also uses LED bulbs, which means it is going to be safer for your eyes rather than other types of bulbs. They will also burn longer, approximately 25 years, use less energy and do not flicker.

An automatic one-hour timer comes with this lamp. Although some do not like automatic timers because it will continuously turn your lamp off during projects, others really like this feature.

For instance, if you forget to turn your lamp off and spend a week away from the office on holiday, it will shut itself off so that it is not burning energy the entire time you are gone.

Similar to the TaoTronics Elune, this lamp has four lighting modes an five levels of brightness. The lighting modes range from bright white light to a yellow light.

The more yellow and dim the light, the more it is meant for relaxing. A bright white light is meant for short bursts of studying that require maximum amounts of concentration.

Also, the dimmer is adjusted by touch rather than buttons so it is a modern design.


  • Includes a USB port so that it can charge devices that use a USB cable within short distances. This can be particularly useful when you need to use your device while it is nearby rather than plugged into a far away outlet
  • Stylish design in a shiny black color can match almost any type of décor
  • Its arms move at 140- and 40-degree angles so that it can adjust to fit just about any situation. The base also rotates at a 180 degree circumference so this lamp can move into several different positions to fit your project’s needs
  • This lamp is light and easy to move, adjust and store even though it is not completely foldable
  • Uses only 10 watts so you know it is low-energy and energy-efficient


  • This light head does not rotate, so it is difficult to get the exact angle that you might need for your projects
  • This lamp is made mostly of plastic so its long-term durability is not as certain as one that would be made of metal

LED Desk Lamp Fugetek

Another great option to consider is the LED Desk Lamp Fugetek FT-L798, Exclusive Model with Recessed LEDs, 5-Level Dimmer, Touch Control Panel, 1-Hour Auto Timer, 5V/1A USB Charging Port – Jet Black (Black).


This lamp also has four different modes of lighting with five brightness levels for each mode. That means there is a total of 20 different options for you to choose from, which are sure to match with just about any situation you would need.

For instance, if you are relaxing just before bed but still need to see to tuck yourself in, there is a relaxing mode you can use and adjust the brightness to the perfect level for your bedroom.

This lamp has recessed LED bulbs, which means that the design of the lamp has bulbs that are recessed into the head of the lamp rather than sticking out and visible to the eyes.

Although LED bulbs are already more gentle on the eyes than other types, this lamp is ultra-gentle because it does not have bulbs that glare directly into your line of vision when you use it.

Has a USB port, which is convenient for just about any situation, including for a desktop or even a bedside table. This lamp will help you keep your charging devices nearby even when they are plugged in, because they will be plugged into a lamp that is also by your side.

An automatic 1-hour timer on this lamp will ensure that you never leave it on for prolonged periods of time and waste costly energy.

For example, if you leave home to go on a vacation and you realize while you are on the plane that you forgot to shut off your lamp, you do not have to worry about it because you will know that your lamp has automatically shut itself off.


  • This lamp has a design that is meant to save you space no matter where you use or store it
  • Its arms move at 140- and 40-degree angles so that it can adjust to fit just about any situation
  • Is made of plastic and steel. The heavy steel base ensures that this lamp will not tip over and also reinforces its durability so that it is stronger than all-plastic lamps


  • This lamp uses 14 watts, which is slightly higher than other lamps. However, 14 watts is still a low energy usage because this lamp uses LED bulbs
  • The lamp’s cord is not very long so it does need to be plugged to an outlet nearby

Etekcity Wireless Dimmable Color LED Desk Lamp

With the Etekcity Wireless Dimmable Color LED Desk Lamp: Touch-Sensitive Control Panel, Color Changing Base, 3 Adjustable Brightness Levels, Rechargeable 1000mAh Li-on Battery, White, you can add a little safety and a little fun to your desk or bedside table.


The highlight of this lamp is that it has 256 different color options. The base of this desk lamp can transform to add a little bit of color to your workday at the tap of your finger. You can choose any color of light to suit your mood or even to match your décor.

This lamp can be easily adjusted without pushing buttons because it can be controlled with the touch of a finger. Simply scroll your finger over the color spectrum to choose the exact color that you want your base to be.

Three brightness levels can suit any need, whether it is a bright light, a normal shine or a dim glow. Each function has its own range of activities that it best suits.

The head of this lamp is easy to angle because it sits atop a flexible neck that can be bent to fit in just about any position that you might need it. This style differs from other lamps mentioned because it is not limited to the movement options of brackets.

This lamp can work wirelessly so it does not need to be plugged in when it is not charging. That means it can work just about anywhere, including outside, with no power outlet, so you can use it for very special project that may not have an outlet nearby.


  • LED bulbs are bright and clear without being too harsh on the eyes like other lamps with tungsten bulbs can be. These bulbs are also very energy efficient
  • This lamp is extremely customizable as you can adjust the color to fit any décor
  • Safe for children to use to study, play, or use for projects
  • Lights are very focused on one area so it can be used in the dark without disturbing others nearby
  • Comes with a one-year warranty so the quality is confidently backed by the company


  • The charge may not hold for the entirety of your project
  • The lamp’s charging cable is a bit too short to use while plugged in for many desk setups

LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

A final option to consider before you decide which lamp is the best desk lamp is the LE Dimmable LED Desk Lamp, 7 Dimming Levels, Eye-care, 8W, Touch Sensitive, Daylight White, Folding Desk Lamps, Reading Lamps, Bedroom Lamps (Black).


This lamp has seven different levels of brightness so that it can be adjusted to seven different lighting situations. Although many other lamps have various modes with types of light, this lamp has the most brightness options instead of various colors of light.

The arms and joints of this lamp is more adjustable than other options of a similar type. For instance, the head of this lamp can swivel similar to a piano lamp so that you can turn it away or towards you and your project.

This option can be particularly beneficial to save your eyesight because you can avoid dangerous bulbs glaring in your eyesight.

LED bulbs mean that this lamp will last for up to 25 years. LED bulbs are known to last much longer than other types of bulbs. They are also more energy efficient and are safer for your eyes.

Has a touch-sensitive command pad that can change the brightness so that you will have a modern command type over this lamp.


  • This lamp has a memory so that it can return to the setting it was last on and resume that setting when you turn it on. This is great when you use it in the same setting over and over so that you do not have to readjust it each time
  • This lamp is one of the most energy efficient. It will operate on eight watts, which is nearly half of some of the other lamps
  • Made of aluminum, this lamp will not overheat and is built with a made-to-last design
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty so you know that this lamp will last


  • If adjusted too often, the hinges can become loose and need to be retightened
  • The lamp itself can get a little hot if it is used for too long


Any decision to purchase a product should be based on your needs. The best desk lamp is ultimately your decision and depends on whatever you believe to be the best.