Best Desk Lamp for Drawing

Best Desk Lamp for Drawing

Depending on your artistry, you may find that it is difficult to work in certain environments.

For example, it can be extremely frustrating for some artists to work in a sterile environment that has cool white lighting.

Other artists must have the brightest white light, rather than yellow lighting that looks more natural, to perfect their craft.

Whatever your situation, you need to be sure that as an artist you are taking care of your eyes. They are, after all, the impetus that drives your artistry. Without your eyes, you could not create.

Your eyes need to be taken care of, and the first step is to ensure that you have the right lighting to suit your needs, whether you notice or not that your eyes are straining. With the right type of lighting, your eyes will not have to help you work to hard to draw.

Whether you are an architect, draw portraits for fun or make posters for school, you need the best desk lamp for drawing.

You should consider the Tenergy 11W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp With Built-in USB Charging Port, 530 Lumens, 5 Dimming Levels, 4 Preset Light Color Temperatures, 1 Hour Auto-off Timer – Black.


There are four different lighting types with this lamp, (Cool, Natural, Mild and Warm White) with five dimming levels to perfectly suit your mood and help you accomplish your best work in an environment that is best for you

This lamp also uses LED bulbs, which are much better for your eyes and they also have many other great features like energy efficiency and durability. Most LED bulbs last around 25 years

A USB port is convenient for charging any device that uses a USB cable. This can be particularly useful for artists who draw renderings of photographs or any other digital image from a device. Having a port nearby means you will not have to stop what you are doing to charge your device if its energy level is low


  • Uses much less energy, up to 85 percent less, than other types of lamps that use incandescent bulbs
  • Has 20 different settings so you are sure to have whatever setting you need
  • It can easily fold, which means you can store this lamp with no issues when you are not drawing
  • Has a touch panel so that you do not have to use buttons


  • Is meant to illuminate a small space, so this lamp will not brighten an entire room
  • Piano black finish is sleek and shiny, however it can easily become covered in fingerprints


Of course no job or hobby is worth risking the health of your eyesight. However, the right lamp can help ensure that you do not have to worry that your eyes are in jeopardy for your art.

The Tenergy 11W Dimmable LED Desk Lamp With Built-in USB Charging Port, 530 Lumens, 5 Dimming Levels, 4 Preset Light Color Temperatures, 1 Hour Auto-off Timer – Black lamp will do just that.

With its multiple options for lighting, it is sure to meet any situation that you might have, like a low-lit desk or a hideaway art room that needs lots of brightness.

It can also suit any mood or need of an artist who prefers a particular environment to create.

One of the best features of this lamp is its energy efficiency. Because it uses LED bulbs, the lamp uses up to 85 percent less energy than other types of lamps.

It is also efficient because it will turn itself off after one hour of use. That means if you forget to shut off your lamp before leaving for vacation, it will not be on pointlessly wasting energy for an entire week or more. You can also fall asleep reading and the lamp with automatically kick off at your bedside.

Being energy efficient can save you money, which can be especially if you do drawing work on commission and have lulls between jobs.

Of course you need to make your decision based on your own personal needs, however having so many different types of lighting options is great for any artist. If you are trying to choose the best desk lamp for drawing, the Tenergy model is certainly one to consider.


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