Best Office Desk Lamp

Best Office Desk Lamp

Calling any product the best means it has big shoes to fill.

Ultimately, the best office desk lamp should have whatever features you need to best perform your job.

All lamps should first and foremost take extra precaution to be gentle on your eyes. You may not realize the impacts that poor lighting has on your vision, however this very important aspect of the time spent in your office can determine whether or not your eyes function as they should later in life.

For instance, a headache after a long day at the office is an immediate signifier that your eyes are working too hard to get the job done. Long-term impacts may not be as obvious, however they are just as prevalent.

Desk lamps can also have other features to make your job easier, like a USB port or easy-to-adjust features.

Not all lamps can have everything packed into one. However, there is one lamp that has the best of just about every lamp wrapped up into one solid package, and that is the TaoTronics Eye-caring LED Book Light for Kids, Table Lamps for Bedroom and Living Room with Memory, 3 Lighting Modes.


Just like its name says it will, the TaoTronics eye-caring light will help keep your eyes in good shape for years to come because you will not be straining to see tedious tasks at your desk. This lamp comes with LED bulbs, which are known to be much safer for your eyes than tungsten types

Energy efficiency is also another key component to choosing a lamp, and this one will ensure that you are not overusing electricity. LED bulbs are known to use less electric than other types of bulbs. In addition they have an average life of 25 years before blowing, so you know that it will work well for years to come

Memory functions allow this lamp to remember the setting that it was last on, so you can return to that setting each time you turn the lamp on. This can be helpful so that you do not have to program your lamp for every use

A USB port allows you to charge your devices conveniently in reach rather than charging them at faraway outlets. This is extra nice when you need to answer calls while your phone is charging so that you do not have to stand at an outlet to talk


  • A head that will not get too hot
  • Three different color modes and five different brightness levels means that you have 15 light combination variances
  • There are two different axis’ to adjust this lamp’s arms so that you can adjust it to any angle for whatever project is at hand


  • This lamp cannot brighten up an entire room because it is meant for singular usage. It is more fitting for nearby projects and reading
  • Does not have more lighting modes


It is tough to describe any product as the best that is out there. However, this lamp has all of the features of the best lamps combined into one, which means that it is likely the best one.

Many lights get very hot while they are on, however this lamp has a perforated head so that heat can easily dissipate. The bulbs of this lamp are also designed in a ring so that they will not generate extra heat by being next to each other.

You can also run a yellow, relaxation light at five different brightness levels and a bright reading mode at five brightness levels.

Of course, LED bulbs have many advantages so it is important that any desk lamp has them. Because of the LED bulbs, this lamp is great at energy efficiency, being gentle on the eyes and having a long life before burning out.

There are also multiple modes and brightness levels. Although several lamps have more modes than this lamp, there are few instances where you would need more than 15 different lighting options to choose the right shade for your project.

Ultimately, the choice is yours when it comes to selecting the right lamp for your desk. However, this one has just about any feature you might need.


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