Desk Lamp Brands: How to Choose the Best for Your Needs

Desk Lamp Brands How to Choose the Best for Your Needs

The internet is a wonderful place where you can find hundreds of thousands of answers and firsthand accounts to just about any question. However, when you are shopping for any product all of these hits can be overwhelming.

With so many options, how will you ever know which choice to make?

This dilemma is particularly true for desk lamps. One search brings up thousands of choices. How will you ever know which lamp to choose?

Just like shopping for clothes, appliances and electronics, it is good to know which brands have a good reputation. With a larger amount of happy clients, you have a much better chance of enjoying a product if thousands or hundreds of other people have, too.

A good key of thumb is to check the reviews of the brand to see which are best at making the type of product you are looking for.

The following is a list of desk lamp brands that have been pleasing others for years and are likely to make you just as happy with your purchase.



This brand has several lamps on the market that have a reputable reputation. Many Etekcity lamps have modern options and appearances, like a full color spectrum optimization so that you can choose any color you can think of to be the base of your lamp.

This lamp is also fully customizable so you can change its color at any point. If your mood changes, you can change the color of your lamp


This brand has so many options that you are sure to find a desk lamp that suits your needs. Most of these lamps are foldable so that they can be easily stored. They also typically use LED bulbs, which are better for your eyes than other tungsten bulb types of lamps. They also burn much longer, up to 25 years, and use less energy


These lamps are typically gooseneck types of LED lamps that have many features like multiple light modes and brightness levels which can suit any need. For instance, there are yellow-toned modes for relaxation and brighter white-toned modes for reading and focusing on projects.


These lamps are typically dimmable with multiple lighting modes. Usually made of metal or plastic, these lamps are known to be durable. They are also foldable so that you can store them whenever they are not in use.

Lampat has multiple options ranging in price from very inexpensive to ultimate luxury lamps that are more expensive so you can likely find something for any price range


This brand is known to be very modern, so desk lamps by Fugetek are usually touch-controlled rather than having buttons. Many of these lamps are foldable for easy storage and are very light so that you can move them very easily. These lamps also typically use LED lighting


Choosing a lamp can be extremely overwhelming when a search on the internet provides so many options. It can sometimes be impossible to know if you are getting the product that you want until it arrives in the box at your front door.

One of the easiest ways to narrow your search and determine that the quality of your product is what you are hoping it will be, and also to ensure that your money is well spent, you should consider purchasing a lamp of the brands that you trust the most.

However, if you have never purchased a desk lamp before it can be impossible to know which are best if you do not have a friend or family member with more knowledge.

That is why this list is meant to help you narrow your search. Of course, the brand of lamp that you choose should offer a lamp with the features that you are hoping for. You should not buy a lamp based solely on the name of its brand.

In the end, your choice depends on your needs and wants, as well as your choice for décor and the price of the item. Regardless, these brands are a great place to start because they have established a large base of reviews of customers that are pleased with the products they purchased.


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