Etekcity Wireless Dimmable Color LED Desk Lamp

Etekcity Wireless Dimmable Color LED Desk Lamp

Sitting in an office reading what seems like a million pages of information that you do not really care about can be a monotonous and boring task. Not to mention all of the manila colored folders, white paper, black computer. How boring!

Staring at the same information booklets all day is not only monotonous, it can actually be dangerous. Your eyes need the appropriate amount of light to function properly without damage. Do you have all the light you need in your office setting?

Why not add a little safety and a little fun to your desk? With the Etekcity Wireless Dimmable Color LED Desk Lamp you can. The base of this desk lamp can transform into a total of 256 possible color options to add a little bit of color to your workday at the tap of your finger.


As mentioned above, the highlight of this lamp is that it has 256 different color options, however it has a lot more to give than just color changes.

  • Controls with a single touch. This lamp can easily adjust without pushing buttons. Simply scroll your finger over the color spectrum to choose the exact color that you want your base to be
  • Three brightness levels can suit any need, whether it is a bright light, a normal shine or a dim glow. Each function has its own range of activities that it best suits
  • Easy to angle head sits atop a flexible neck that can be bent to fit in just about any position that you might need it
  • Works wirelessly. This lamp needs not be plugged in when it is not charging, so it can work just about anywhere, including outside, with no power outlet


  • LED bulbs are bright and clear without being too harsh on the eyes like other lamps with tungsten bulbs can be. These bulbs are also very energy efficient
  • This lamp is extremely customizable as you can adjust the color to fit any décor
  • Safe for children to use to study, play, or use for projects
  • Lights are very focused on one area so it can be used in the dark without disturbing others nearby
  • Comes with a one-year warranty so the quality is confidently backed by the company


  • The charge may not hold for the entirety of your project
  • The lamp’s charging cable is a bit too short to use while plugged in for many desk setups


As with all shopping experiences, it is best to consider other options so that you are sure you have gotten your money’s worth.

Another option rather than the Etekcity lamp is the Surapahs Color Lighting Base Rechargeable Dimmable LED Desk Reading Lamp. This lamp has fewer color options, however its base does change color like the Etekcity lamp.

This lamp claims to last three to six hours on one charge. This lamp is a bit less expensive and does not have any reviews, so it does not have any backing that it is a quality project.

Both lamps charge with a micro USB and utilize LED bulbs so that their lighting is safe for your eyes. This lamp uses more wattage, at 4 watts, compared to the Etekcity’s 3.2 watts.


For any project, whether it be for work, play, or a craft with your children, you need to be sure that your eyes are not straining too much so that that will suffer from damage.

Using a lamp with LED bulbs is important, but equally as important is that you are enjoying whatever you do. The  Etekcity Wireless Dimmable Color LED Desk Lamp offers a fun alternative to boring desk lamps.

Instead of doodling on the corners of your work papers, choosing the perfect color for the base of your lamp that perfectly suits your mood will be more fun. It is quite literally a bright reminder of your creativity and eccentricity.

Because it is constructed with safety in mind, this light can be fun for your children to use for projects, as a night-light, or even just to play with. They can also use it to study or read at night without interrupting the sleep of their siblings nearby who might share a room.

Another reason you can trust this is the right lamp is because it comes with a one-year warranty backed by the company. If the company did not believe in its product, it would not take the risk of providing a warranty for so long. This is a fun product that can literally and figuratively brighten your day.


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