TaoTronics Elune TT-DL01 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Review

TaoTronics Elune TT-DL01 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp Review

A coal miner risks his life every day to make money. A semi-driver could easily injure herself in a car accident. Fishermen might go out for a catch and never come home.

One of the advantages of working at a desk job is that you do not have to risk serious injuries. However, you can damage one of the most important body parts and risk headaches and other damage if you do not utilize proper lighting.

Our eyes need enough lighting to see, and working at a desk already requires strenuous amounts of reading and data input. Without a good source of lighting, the risk of injuring your eyes is much greater.

Consider fluorescent office lighting. On top of providing poor coloring, these bulbs often flash for days or even weeks when they are about to burn out. That flashing means your eyes are continuously trying to adjust to the amount of brightness in the room.

Lighting in homes is also another poor source for reading and writing. Typically homes have either harsh overhead lights or lamps that intermittently brighten a room. The fact of the matter is there are many lighting sources, but it is not easy to change between them without getting up and physically moving elsewhere.

Oftentimes, it is not practical to find a place that offers the kind of light you need for the job at hand. That is why you should consider the TaoTronics Elune TT-DL01 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp.


The TaoTronics Elune desk lamp has all the features for every situation you might need for work or play at home because it has four different types of lighting and five brightness levels. There are other lamps that can mimic one or two of those combinations at one time, but few that can do it all at once.

  • Cool white light. The lamp has a reading setting that offers a spectrum of light easiest on the eyes for long periods of reading, studying or data input. Keep in mind that you can also adjust the brightness on this setting and all other settings to five different brightness levels
  • Powerful white light. This shade of light is best for keeping a reader’s attention. The color of light may be harsh on the eyes for long periods of time, however it is great for holding a person’s focus for short periods
  • Yellow. Similar to lamps with tungsten lamps, yellow lights are less harsh on the eyes and help provide a soft, relaxing atmosphere. This type of light is the least harsh on eyes and is great for use right before bedtime
  • Yellow and white. The yellow and white shades of light combine in this mode for a relaxing light that can still be used for reading or other projects. It is a great light to wind down at the end of the day


  • Design. This lamp can be folded for storage and can be rotated and adjusted easily to fit any project’s needs
  • Timed turn-off. For those who like to read until their heads hit the pillow, this lamp will automatically turn itself off after one hour
  • USB port. Perfect for next to the bed, you can charge your phone, tablet or other device while this lamp sits on the nightstand from its convenient USB port


  • This lamp needs to be used at a close distance because it is not bright enough to lighten a whole room.
  • The item’s construction is mostly made of plastic so it will not hold up well for a long period of time


The TaoTronics Elune has many features which makes it great for various circumstances. It is also convenient in many ways, including that it can be folded for storage and offers a USB port. This item is made of plastic so it could be easily broken, but for the price and other features it should be a good addition to your office or bedside table.


The BESTLOVE LED Gooseneck Dimmable Table Lamp has many of the same features as the TaoTronic Elune. For instance, its timer, color and though to providing eye protection are all similar. This lamp has more brightness levels, but it does not offer the four different color variations.


The TaoTronics Elune TT-DL01 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp is the best product for its cost. Although the BESTLOVE LED lamp offers many of the same features, it does not provide four different color variations. For only a few dollars cheaper, the loss of this attribute.


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